How can store owner earn money without any Extra investment?

How can store owner earn money without any Extra investment?

Womenue QR code program

Introducing our QR Code Commissioning Program**

For Shopkeepers and Offline Stores

Unlock a new revenue stream and exclusive benefits with our QR code commissioning program. Empower your customers to shop seamlessly while you earn commissions and royalties with every purchase.

How It Works:

  1. Receive your unique QR code to display in your store.
  2. Customers simply scan the code to explore and purchase products from our website.
  3. For every purchase made through your QR code, you earn commission and royalties.

Why Join the Program:

-Earn on Every Sale: Boost your income with commissions on every purchase made by

your customers through your QR code.

-Seamless Integration: Empower customers to shop conveniently while you benefit

from a hassle-free commissioning process.

-Royalties Rewards: Unlock exclusive royalties benefits to further enhance your

earning potential.

It’s time to transform every customer visit into an opportunity to earn. Join our QR code commissioning program and elevate your business.

Ready to transform every scan into a commission? Get started today!

This message outlines the simple process and benefits of the program, encouraging offline shopkeepers to join and start earning through the QR code commissioning program. Let me know if you’d like me to customise it further!


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